Early Release: Ehrlich Stuns The Judges With a SPECTACULAR Audition - America's Got Talent 2021

Ehrlich traveled all the way from the Philippines for this audition! Catch this early release before AGT returns on Tuesday.
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America’s Got Talent," NBC’s No. 1 summer show, with fresh new faces and familiar favorites, along with the excitement, thrills and feel-good performances that viewers have come to love each season. Creator and Executive Producer Simon Cowell is back at the star-studded judges' table with fan-favorite comedian Howie Mandel. Acclaimed actress and international superstar Sofia Vergara joins as a new judge this season alongside returning judge and global fashion icon Heidi Klum. The dynamic Terry Crews returns as host. With the show open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" continues to celebrate the variety format like no other show on television. Year after year, "America's Got Talent" features an impressive array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying to win America's hearts and a $1 million prize.

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Early Release: Ehrlich Stuns The Judges With a SPECTACULAR Audition - America's Got Talent 2021

America's Got Talent


  • Prasurjya Kashyap
    Prasurjya Kashyap6 ਘੰਟੇ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Hate the voice of Sofia. No offense🤮

  • Luk El
    Luk Elਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    I stalk him, pinoy nga! ❤️💪💪

  • Martin Millar
    Martin Millarਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    The Philippines has talent.... 😍 ahhhhhhhhh...

  • Martin Millar
    Martin Millarਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Love this guy.... really love him...

  • Elmer Elican
    Elmer Elican2 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Ehrlich were so much proud as a filipino for your spectacular talent your such an amazing performer🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Davis O'Neill
    Davis O'Neill2 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Because of the economic crisis and the rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money 💯

  • Joe Francis

    Joe Francis

    2 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Seeing Alot of success stories, she must be honest and trustworthy for people to talk this good about her.

  • Car-la


    2 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    My first Investment with Mrs Karen gave me the assurance that has made me invest without the fear of losing , i got four of my friends involved with her already

  • Ellen Barry

    Ellen Barry

    2 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    I'm placing my trades with Expert karen ASAP

  • Alan Lucas

    Alan Lucas

    2 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    reach her via what's app

  • ExtraVOD


    2 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    She's really amazing with her amazing skill she changed my 0.3 btc to 2.1 btc

  • Ralph breaker
    Ralph breaker3 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • The One
    The One5 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    only women do these stuffs bro

  • Martin Millar
    Martin Millar5 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    I've already commented on this.. just wanna say on the off chance this lad is viewing messages..i love you man.. you're amazing... ill vote for ya if ya make the semis ect... you made me smile so much.... from scotland to Philippine bless ye xx

  • Eric Blodgett
    Eric Blodgett5 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • Hannah Bossley
    Hannah Bossley5 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    he looks like he would be on some superhero movie

  • ʙᴜꜱᴇʀᴏɴɢ ᴍᴜꜱɪᴋᴇʀᴏ ᴍᴜꜱɪᴄ ʟʏʀɪᴄꜱ
    ʙᴜꜱᴇʀᴏɴɢ ᴍᴜꜱɪᴋᴇʀᴏ ᴍᴜꜱɪᴄ ʟʏʀɪᴄꜱ6 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • Khen Yeo
    Khen Yeo6 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    absolutely fantabulous

  • 8D Ambiance
    8D Ambiance6 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    plot twist: He really has a telepathic power

  • Ate Magiliw
    Ate Magiliw7 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Pls check kasmala MV of Alamat. A multicultural, multilingual, multitalented boy group from the Philippines. The song has 7PH languages and the MV has historical references. palife.info/global/v/xZaLlZ2MmqaaZaA kasmala MV refences (not complete) Brgy Magiliw (Twitter) The MV started with a shot of Taneo (a half Igorot himself) being tied on a pole. This depicts the dark history of the Igorots during the 1904 World's Fair at St. Louis, USA. The Igorots in the expo were forced to kill & eat dogs and were coerced to perform tribal ceremonies on a 'daily' basis, for the local's amazement and for the US regime to cement their claim that the whites were more superior and that the U.S. needed to make the Philippines a colony because of their uncivilized ways. Thank you.

  • darkwhite
    darkwhite7 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    I understand how it works but i can't comprehend how he dances with that. I would die with the string in my neck or stabbed by the wand. 😂😂😂

  • Jeremy Dignomo Dacles
    Jeremy Dignomo Dacles7 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    I got a question. But lols! How did he make it?

  • joey villanueva
    joey villanueva7 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Amazing 🤩 Filipino so Amazing

  • Norris Vaughn III
    Norris Vaughn III7 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    This may be the only time ever watching this show where I'm stumped as to how he did that.

  • EdgeXCX
    EdgeXCX7 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    It's nice but he needs to step it up further

  • john resumadero
    john resumadero7 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Proud Kababayan 👏👏👏 - John Resumadero from Abu Dhabi 🇵🇭⭐⭐⭐☀️🇵🇭

  • Ely John QD
    Ely John QD8 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    There's so much spinning going on that Howie's head almost started to spin as well 🤣

  • Pray World Peace
    Pray World Peace8 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    What did I just saw!!! This is incredible! His timing is impeccable

  • kahloo gooran
    kahloo gooran8 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    WOW NA WOW!!!!😃

  • ms fe
    ms fe8 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Mesmerizing, I loved it and want more!!!

    ANGELINE9 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Fight Filipinas!❤️

  • Marte Ivor Biaco
    Marte Ivor Biaco9 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • jamesmaccoi21
    jamesmaccoi219 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    When you pour all of your stats to intelligence to raise your magic.

  • Czarina Shane
    Czarina Shane9 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    He needs to be in Vegas.

  • Lighthouse Flower
    Lighthouse Flower9 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Amazing talent 👏 👏👏💫👏👏👏 also elegant body movements. Thank you.

  • Kathylyn Gain
    Kathylyn Gain9 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    We are so proud of u Erlich.. goodluck always.. we support u🙏

  • Ken Gords
    Ken Gords10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • Kru Cecille VLogS
    Kru Cecille VLogS10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Magnificent 👏👏👏 so Proud of you kaBayan ✅.. Iwagayway ang bandiLa ng Pilipinas 🇵🇭 Thank You for sharing your taLent ❤️

  • LolaYoung Garden’s of love
    LolaYoung Garden’s of love10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    woww proud pinoy! ofcourse from Philippines yahooo! go go go

  • Verk Music
    Verk Music10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    *what kind of sorcery is this*

  • Mark Angelo Abalos
    Mark Angelo Abalos10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Go 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🤩 👍👍👍

  • OM Wong
    OM Wong10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    magic + dance = amazing

  • PIC Tutorial Solid Edge 2020
    PIC Tutorial Solid Edge 202010 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Best i ever seen!

  • mr.zbych100
    mr.zbych10010 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Pysznie !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rhyse onarev
    Rhyse onarev10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • Ainun Mardhiah
    Ainun Mardhiah10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    This year's agt is something else!! I hope non-singer/dancer will win this year.

  • yrag lareb

    yrag lareb

    5 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    well his talent is actually dancing spiced up by some little magic

    SHIH TZU LOVER10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Even if the performances of pinoys are fantastic, amazing and heartbreaking, these judges won't give golden buzzer , and it will never happen. A stigma. A big racial discriminition. So many talented pinoys out there who performed in AGT who deserve a golden buzzer but was never given one. Look at the performance of their native people, even if its not that much wonderful they will give a golden buzzer. How IRONIC.

  • razen haiboss

    razen haiboss

    8 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    But it was not a golden buzzer performance to be honest!

  • Jerlock Jeremon
    Jerlock Jeremon10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    He should teach Physics. That's the best demonstration of Newton's centripetal force.

  • The Archiver
    The Archiver10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    The last airbender is a Filipino

  • The Archiver
    The Archiver10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • Princess Dapitan
    Princess Dapitan10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    There are more acts on his channel - Firechill/ Ehrlich Ocampo. So amazing! So looking forward to what he will bring on the AGT stage!

  • Axle Rafans
    Axle Rafans10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    So glad to see a Filipino that doesn’t sing on stage and still make the audience stand! 🤍🇵🇭

  • akosiSHIN
    akosiSHIN10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • Boeing Laugan
    Boeing Laugan10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    That was a gift from our God. Thank you Jesus.

  • youtube monitor
    youtube monitor10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Omg the concept of gymnastics beautiful

  • Wisnu Kundarto
    Wisnu Kundarto10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    avatar the last stickbender

  • C. Q.
    C. Q.10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Amazing!! Congratulations!!! Great job! By far the most unique talent i have seen in this season!

  • Jhomzs Jhomzs
    Jhomzs Jhomzs10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Proud to be a filipino

  • Minato Namikaze
    Minato Namikaze11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    The last Jedi, may the force be with you.

  • Viewer FromSpace
    Viewer FromSpace11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    I'm enjoying watching this omg 😱

  • Ellie Leo
    Ellie Leo11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Amazing performance 👍👏👏👏Soo proud of you Ehrlich!!! Good luck to you and God bless .

  • will iam
    will iam11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    shout out skywalker

  • Jow Rodriguez
    Jow Rodriguez11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    I would love to watch this live. Amazing!

  • William Abaiz
    William Abaiz11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    It will leave us a question "How?"

  • Princess Athena
    Princess Athena11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • Grihfy 134
    Grihfy 13411 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    What the heck??? This deserves a Platinum Buzzer!!! Filipino airbender.🌪🌬

  • David Barrett
    David Barrett11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    The old fishing line on the lightsaber trick.

  • Mark Nowell
    Mark Nowell11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    May the force be with you.

  • Nuah Abdulraheem
    Nuah Abdulraheem11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • Marilyn Chan
    Marilyn Chan11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • Rian Perez
    Rian Perez11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • Toni Honey
    Toni Honey11 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • May Mendoza
    May Mendoza12 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Why not giving him golden buzzer?🤔

    INFO TECHNOLOGY12 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Subscribe to the channel for more videos : palife.info/global/v/upmXoqJtk7yqqnY

  • Ellyn Chua
    Ellyn Chua12 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    You're awesome, man! Please continue performing. :)

  • mabini link
    mabini link12 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Jedi Light Sabres for the Grand Finals for sure

  • Adelle dicang Telino
    Adelle dicang Telino12 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Love n proud of you Dear Kababayan.. Keep fighting.love what you do.

  • Yang Guo
    Yang Guo12 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • Jude Murphy
    Jude Murphy12 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • Jean-francois Lavergne
    Jean-francois Lavergne12 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    That was captivating

  • beerkneecool
    beerkneecool12 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    my american bf watched and amazed with ur performance on agt and told me about it knowing ur filipino. geeez u deserved a golden buzzer with that classy emotional perfection of performance. perfect song choice moves emotions performance. love it😍

  • LuLu Lovlie
    LuLu Lovlie12 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    How?! Just… how?!!

  • jam8
    jam812 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Why is this not a golden buzzer?????????????

  • Ace Legaspi
    Ace Legaspi12 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Wow another filipino 🤗🤗🤗

    INCREDIBLE ASIANS12 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    How can you explain 3:08 if it has Strings😭😭😭😭

  • Sharlyn Aton
    Sharlyn Aton12 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Wow bravo good luck kabayan so proud of you...

  • Kusap Lasap
    Kusap Lasap12 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Support Philippines from India 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • sMiLeY GyAnA
    sMiLeY GyAnA12 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • Al Peralta
    Al Peralta13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    How's that possible?

  • ramvinx
    ramvinx13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    OMG. That was flawless. I won't say it's extravagant, but it's simplicity at it's finest. I know it's not easy to do but he made it look simple and effortless. It was truly AMAZING. So proud of you kababayan!

  • Ru Santos
    Ru Santos13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Bravo!!! We are sooo proud of you! 💛

  • Aldrin Agapito
    Aldrin Agapito13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • Jeremy Tayco
    Jeremy Tayco13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    The force is great with this one ;) Kudos kabayan ;)

  • Han Soh
    Han Soh13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


  • Moto Joco
    Moto Joco13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Philippines is the land of talented people I proud to be a pilipino

  • Verk Music

    Verk Music

    10 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    ayan na sila

  • Mela Hernaiz Agustin
    Mela Hernaiz Agustin13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Wow wow wow.amazing, fantastic, unique,..sana man lang mapansin na ni s😏😏.. Mabuhay kayo kabayan..

  • Johnnylieavable R.
    Johnnylieavable R.14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    WOW! Why didn't you perform on PGT?! This is definitely a WORLD CLASS PERFORMANCE! 💯

  • Ira Balboni

    Ira Balboni

    13 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    PGT does not deserve this kind of talent.

  • Emrys
    Emrys14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    The music is spot on!!!

  • William Jr Cunanan
    William Jr Cunanan14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    How could that even exist

  • グレートくん
    グレートくん14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    Super Heroes year of AGT

  • Delia Palma
    Delia Palma14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    The nxt avatar Air binder of the Philippines Were so proud of you kabayan Praying you can go through the final

  • Liam Gekzua
    Liam Gekzua14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    May tali..

  • Reggie Dela cruz
    Reggie Dela cruz14 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ

    That's what we called EFFORTLESS MASTERY!!!! 💯❤️🇵🇭